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St. Vincent's Must Head Back to the Drawing Board?

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The first major campaign in the war over Greenwich Village is over, with the Landmarks Preservation Commission having completed its two-day public hearing into the St. Vincent's and Rudin Managament building razing/hospital moving/condo building megaplan (got all that?). So, who won the battle? It looks like the preservationists did, kinda. The LPC hasn't handed down a decision on the matter, and won't discuss the issue again until May, but the Sun quotes an e-mail from chairman Bob Tierney that goes a little something like this: "You can reasonably infer from some of the lines of questioning that aspects of this proposal should be rethought and restudied." It's not a pan, sure, but it's not a ringing endorsement, either. One line of questioning toward Rudin officials during the hearing was about creating lower buildings with wider footprints, so maybe that will be the plan's ultimate fate. Would opponents be happy with that? Probably not, if buildings in the Greenwich Village Historic District have to be leveled. But still, it looks like they've got some momentum.
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