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Port Authority May Clip Calatrava Again

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It hasn't been the best of times for World Trade Center-area mass transit projects. The financial troubles of the MTA's Fulton Street Transit Hub have been well documented, and now, architect Santiago Calatrava's PATH station for the Port Authority could be in dire straits. The "soaring bird" (seen above in prouder times) has already been clipped twice, and now comes the shocker: the Port Authority is preparing a "modest alternative" to the Calatrava design just in case the cost estimates of building it exceed $2.5 billion, which they most certainly will. The PA claims that no matter what happens, Calatrava's ribbed above-ground structure will remain (in some sort of fashion), but changes could include making greater use of the existing tracks as well as parts of the new temporary PATH terminal. So, when it's all said and done, which round of Rendering/Reality will be more depressing: the Fulton Street Transit Hub, or Calatrava's PATH station?
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