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1 Bryant Park Shows Off Its Lobby

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The intersection of Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street, where Bank of America's jagged tower hath risen high above its neighbors, has been a construction site for so long that we've nearly forgotten what it was like when that corner had wide open spaces overhead. Some of that open space is about to return to midtown. Folks at the B of A building, also known as 1 Bryant Park, are getting ready to open the vast new lobby that stretches along the Avenue and west down The Deuce towards Times Square. The sidewalk shed protecting pedestrians on Sixth has been reconfigured so that passers-by are directed to walk almost through the huge panes of glass and into the block-long stone-and-steel atrium. It's all looking very white, airy, clean and open. It's a nice addition to midtown and a fitting companion to the wide open spaces of the real Bryant Park across the way.
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