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CurbedWire: Tower Cranes Now Mostly Almost Safe, More!

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SOMEWHERE ABOVE YOUR HEAD—A delightful press release brings the news that the Building Department's safety inspection sweep of tower crains—like the one that demolished a swath of the East 50s last month—has been completed. Data: of the 29 tower cranes currently operational, eight were issued violations and shut down; as of today, only one such crain is still not in compliance. (Which one? Let us know, because the press release didn't.) Meantime, up next: an inspection of the appoximately 220 mobile cranes in operation. UPDATE: This Bloomberg story has the full list. Goldman Sachs' new HQ and—natch—Trump Soho were among the violators. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—Remember the cool, pointy-looking new development called One 7th (right)? A tipster emails: "Looks like they dropped Douglas Elliman and hired Carrie Chiang at Corcoran. She changed the address to 67 Carmine, but the building name is still One 7th. Its been on the market for a year, and no sales." Corcoran confirms the news; note that Elliman did not previously have an exclusive on the building. [CurbedWire Inbox]