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Ask Curbed: Burg Construction is Really, Really Loud

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Living in a construction zone does lead to some questions here and there. This one comes from a spot in Williamsburg on which we've focused from time to time. According to the reader, the scene isn't pretty:

I live on Ainslie and Union in Brooklyn and the construction around my building is ever-present. Having called the city of NY on several occasions about after hours construction, in hopes of getting some relief from the constant drilling, hammering, digging, etc., I have become increasingly frustrated with the virtual impossibility of a resident having any sort of control over the quality of one's home life when this hyper-urban renewal is taking place. Making a complaint, being given a reference number and being told that the EPA and/or dept. of buildings will investigate the issue within 5-7 days is very disheartening. Do you have any advice or information about what can be done by residents who are tired of having their lives disrupted on a constant, seven days a week basis?For the record, the worker in the photo was part of a crew pounding away at Ainslie and Union around 11AM on Sunday. Considered opinions, advice, commiserations, rants, etc., in the Comments section, please.
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