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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: The King of Private Pools

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Location: 54 King Street
Asking: $7,000,000

Scandal! One word we didn't take much notice of in the listing for yesterday's private-pool touting PriceSpotter: retain. As in, "The top 2 floors connect easily to the lower floors to house up to 4 bedrooms, or retain them as an income-producing entity." So, it's not a single-family townhouse right now? Whoops, but that didn't appear to throw off steveisacollegestudent, who commented on this Soho/Hudson Square border zone not quite being a townhouse neighborhood before nailing the correct asking price. Will the integrity of PriceSpotter ever recover? Eh, who cares, it was just an excuse to stare at that pool. Mmm, refreshment.
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