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Brooklyn Greeting: 'Hi, New Neighbors on Prospect Place'

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We love coming across more neighborhood quality of life type material from Prospect Heights. For instance, this post on Brooklynian, that is about bathroom curtains, but is vital in the age of exhibitionism with so many people living behind floor-to-ceiling glass. Here it is:

Hi New Neighbors on Prospect Place, Welcome to the neighborhood. We're all glad to have you. I can tell you feel comfortable and safe here because you have lived in your newly renovated first floor apartment for 2 months now and yet have not put up curtains in your bathroom. As a result, while sitting on my couch in the evenings, or when working in my yard, or while having guests over for a beer on the back patio, I get treated to the sight of your bare ass as you sit down on your toilet right by the window. If interested, you can refer to past posts in which issues of race are discussed in regards to Curtains vs No Curtains. You, being white, are confirming the racial preference for No Curtains. As a fellow white person, I too prefer to leave my windows with a more open feel. But, propriety requires that the bathroom be an exception to this rule. If you could just get curtains and put the matter to rest, we would all appreciate it. It's a big crowded city and some boundaries are always appreciated. Thanks,
Your neighbors on St Marks Ave who really don't want to see your bare white asses anymore

It is an interesting change of pace from discussions about the boundaries of a possible Prospect Heights Historic District.
· Can You Put Curtains on Your Bathroom Windows Please? [Brooklynian]