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Red Hook Bicycle Dream: Dedicated Lanes & Power Bars

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Don't have a convenient subway station? Only have a couple of widely disliked bus lines? About to experience the opening of a huge new store that will draw tens of thousands of cars to local streets ever week? Then, perhaps a neighborhood like Red Hook might look to a plan make it "the city's most bike-friendly neighborhood." Today's Post notes that the Forum for Urban Design in Manhattan is running a competition to create "a bicycle-centered commuter system" that would involve a series of dedicated bike lanes and a bike garage at the Smith-9th Street station. The Forum's executive director Lisa Chamberlain says, "We envision bike stations where you would lock up your bike, get a flat fixed, fill up your water bottle and even buy a Power Bar." You know, for walking around Ikea.
· Bicycle Built for Red Hook [NYP]