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SHoP Piling On the Bricks at 290 Mulberry

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All the talk of East Houston Street's big new tumor drew our attention back to SHoP Architects' wavy tower rising just to the west at 290 Mulberry. We've been talking for months about SHoP's metal mesh facade and how cool and sexy it's gonna be. Well, sometimes we're wrong. The metal mesh is not to be. This being New York City, "contextual zoning regulations" mandate a more humble and utilitarian facade. In this case, it must be brick.

Here, from the mouth of SHoP by way of their website, is a description of 290 Mulberry:

It is located in New York City's NoLita district, across the street from the historic Puck Building. Its proximity to the building, notable for its decorative brickwork, as well as contextual zoning regulations dictating a "predominantly masonry" facade, led to the as a design objective. The rippled brick facade treatment acknowledges the fact that the brick is panelized not load bearing, and at the same time pays tribute to the highly articulated historic brick facades in the neighborhood.
We couldn't have said it better ourselves.
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290 Mulberry Street

290 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012