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Huge Coney Island Changes Are 'Recent Modest Adjustments'

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After the story about how land the city wanted for that 15-acre amusement park in Coney Island had been cut down to 9 acres hit the Times yesterday, Coney Island Development Corp. President Lynn Kelly sent out a letter calling the changes "recent modest adjustments" that "will help to move this critically important project toward completion." The shift in strategy, from acquiring most of the land in the amusement district from owners--most notably developer Joe Sitt and Thor Equities--to only buying some of it will allow the owners (ie, Mr. Sitt) to develop the rest. Kelly's letter said the change has "increased development opportunities for enclosed amusements and year-round entertainment retail uses." Mr. Sitt would still get land near KeySpan Park rezoned for high rise housing development in return for property he owns in the amusement district that would become part of the shrunken park. His land use lawyer says the new idea is "a major step forward." Although the city hasn't put out its own revised map, it looks like about half of Astroland has been chopped from the amusement park plan.
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