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Stuff Happens: Crane Collapse Building 'Approved in Error'

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So, yesterday, Department of Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster testified before the City Council and one of the highlights was that she said the East Side highrise where the crane collapse that killed seven people happened didn't conform to zoning and was approved "in error." The Turtle Bay Association had complained to DOB on Nov. 26 and again on Dec. 5 that the building violated zoning, but in the words of City Council Member Jessica Lapin, "The department blew them off." The problem was found--before the crane collapse--when the plans were reviewed for compliance. There is no connection between the crane collapse and the building plans, per se, but Lappin noted, "If they had not approved this illegal building, they wouldn't have approved the crane and this tragedy would never have happened." Meanwhile, as reported late yesterday, that survey of all cranes in the city is finished. Almost one-third were shut down for problems, but only the one at the Goldman Sachs HQ site is still sidelined.
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