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Epic Shitshows: Old Punks Rage at CBGB Protest

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The John Varvatos boutique (née CBGB) at 315 Bowery held a grand opening/benefit concert last night, and protesters promised to show. Vanishing New York swung by, and the scene was total madness. It makes for riveting reading, but we're going to boil it down to our 5 Favorite Things About Last Night's John Varvatos/CBGB Protest:

5) The sign that read "40-40-$40,000 dollars a mo-onth. We're gonna be evicted!"
4) Protester Reverend Billy: "Punk was an egalitarian movement, it was about low prices."
3) Ramones posse member Arturo Vega told a documentarian, "The excitement is still here. The tourists will come. In there, you're closer than ever to rock 'n' roll," and then got into a shouting match with the protesters.
2) A member of The Misfits yelled "I am on the side of New York City fucking rock 'n' roll!" and then spat on a sign.
1) The photo after the jump.

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