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Stuy Town Follies: Here Comes the Cavalry

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If you thought dogs were going to be the biggest controversy at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village this year, think again! You see, Councilman Daniel Garodnick?a PCV resident?has a little beef with new landlord Tishman Speyer: they just won't stop harassing rent-stabilized tenants! Garodnick told the Observer this week that in Tishman's crackdown on illegal sublets, they're going after a lot of people who have done absolutely nothing wrong. Garodnick claims non-renewal notices have gone out to many innocent Stuy Town/PCV oldtimers, many of whom may have cleared out because they didn't know better (or because they were terrified). He's calling for a moratium on these non-renewal notices until this all gets sorted out, and now some high-profile friends are joining him.

Tomorrow evening at the VA hospital at 423 East 23rd Street, Garodnick will be joined by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and various other local officials for a town hall meeting to "discuss the issues facing Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village residents." These topics will include the non-renewal notices, as well as the curveball of rent protection for those pesky, loutish market-rate tenants. And yes, there may be a cane or two shaken at those wretched mutts. The fun kicks off at 6pm!
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