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High Line Construction Chronicles: Soil Imminent!

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Even though it doesn't quite feel like spring yet, and the thought of gallivanting on an outdoor elevated former railway does not sound like the most appealing activity at the moment, the latest High Line construction update from the High Line Blog is enough to make any sourpuss giddy. There's a lot more walkway to show off since the last time we checked in, and that's not all: landscaping on Phase 1 will soon begin. Let the Friends of the High Line explain:

The first shipment of soil is due on site at the beginning of April. Trees and shrubs will be the next to arrive on site, with plantings coming a few months from now. This layered installation process will take shape over the next six months on the High Line. Currently, a filter fabric membrane is being attached to the planking system. This is being installed to ensure that soil stays in the planting beds and prevents debris and other fine particles from entering and clogging the drainage system that runs below the planted areas. Once the filter fabric is in, soil can be brought to the site.
Delicious. We already got a look at this season's exciting sand delivery, and now it's time to bring on the soil!
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