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Perry Street Hotel Loses Some Height, Gets Green Light

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[Photo via PropertyShark]

Back in October, some concerned West Villagers asked us to say NO! to a planned 90-foot-tall luxury hotel at Washington and Perry Streets, designed by architect Morris Adjmi. We abstained, but The Real Deal reported yesterday that those fighting the hotel at least scored a minor victory. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved plans for a 78-foot version of the hotel. The 93-room hotel will take the place of the stucco building seen up top, and will have an address of 145 Perry Street. The developer is Scott Sabbagh, also behind the Urban Glass House, and he said the hotel will have a below-grade restaurant and bar and six stories of rooms topped by a penthouse with private terrace. The rooms will start at about $500, and construction is expected to begin in about six months. A luxury hotel in Meierville's backyard? Sounds like a good match.
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145 Perry Street

145 Perry Street, New York, NY