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Curbed PriceChopper: Another Bloodbath at Clinton Hill's Azure

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Then: $549,000
Now: $499,000
You Save!: $50,000

The PriceChopper has come again to the Azure in Clinton Hill. We say "again," because many of the units here have previously gotten major league buzz cuts. At the beginning of the year, Brownstoner noted that several units had gotten big chops. It was, at they say, just one stop on a long road. Let's look at Unit 2a. It started life last June at $735,000. In November, it went to $649,000. In December, it hit $599,000. In February? $549,000. And, yesterday, there was more axe action with the price hitting $499,000. That's what one calls a succession of PriceChops amounting to $236,000. The development has been on the market since last Spring and only one unit has gone into contract in all that time. Will the axe swing again? Stay tuned.
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· 195 Classon Ave. []