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Silverstein's Got 99 Problems, But a Church Ain't One

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Name changes are usually relegated to the CurbedWire, but when you're talking about the soon-to-be-tallest residential building in New York City (eat it, Trump!), things have to be done on a grander scale. Thus, it is our duty to point you to the website of Silverstein Properties, where 99 Church Street?the 80-story limestone behemoth drawn up by Robert A.M. Stern for WTC developer Larry Silverstein?is now going by 30 Park Place, thankyouverymuch. The 99 Church address has always been associated with the former building on the site, the 11-story demolished Moody's headquarters, and its been known that the residential lobby for the hotel/condo would be at 30 Park Place, so perhaps the switch was inevitable. Still, we're sorry to have to retire our "Church of Stern" nickname for the building after all this time. The Four Seasons lobby will be on Barclay Street, so there's no salvation there, either. Why is this making us sad for some reason? We'll stop now.
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30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY

99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007