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West Village Does the Wave: Perry St. Hotel Revealed

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For weeks, we've known all about 145 Perry Street, developer Scott Sabbagh's seven-story boutique hotel that will take the place of a stucco eyesore on a quaint West Village corner. Some facts: Angry neighbors got the height reduced a little after creating some sweet graphics; the now 85-room hotel will have a swingin' nightlife scene and prices starting at $500/night; construction will begin in about six months. Yep, we've known a lot, except what Morris Adjmi's design will actually look like. Now the secret is out, courtesy of the architect's website, and we're digging the curvy design. Others, however, aren't. Shock!

The Times reports that some Perry and Washington Street residents are still pissed about a hotel popping up in the 'hood, even if it's prettier than what's currently on the spot. Said one local: "I'm appalled at the idea that they would market the charm of this part of the Village when in fact they seek to destroy it." Yikes, and we thought the Landmarks Preservation Commission's approval of the design following the height reduction was the end of the controversy. The liquor license hearing for the hotel's bar and restaurant should be absolutely epic. Fans of marathon community board hearings that devolve into screaming matches?this is your advance warning.
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145 Perry Street

145 Perry Street, New York, NY