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It Happened One Weekend: Bushwick Castle, Stanhope Sales Update, Most Expensive Storage Ever, More!

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1) The co-owner of Williamsburg hotspots Union Pool and Hotel Delmano pays $3,000 per month for his rental in Bushwick. What the hell kind of place charges that much in Bushwick? Oh, just a castle thingy with "OFFICE" inscribed on the front that has a cobblestone pathway that leads to a stable in the back. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

2) After some initial sales troubles, the Stanhope Residences 995 Fifth Avenue has sold 24 of its initial 26 co-ops, and all nine maids' rooms. Which means they sold three more in the last couple of months. The latest buyer is Daphne Guiness, beer heir and "haute-couture socialite." The $47.7 million full-floor penthouse is still on the market, if any Coors family members want to step up to the plate. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

3) A basement storage room in the Dakota on the Upper West Side recently went up for sale, and eight residents bid on the space, including Yoko Ono. The winning bidder was John M. Angelo, a hedge fund manager and board member of Sotheby's, who paid $801,000 for the storage space, perhaps the most expensive sale of its kind in Manhattan history. Yes, a glorified locker sold for more than the average one-bedroom apartment. What slowdown? [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

4) On Tuesday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will hold a hearing to discuss whether the New York Public Library should be able to chisel the name of Stephen A. Schwarzman, the Blackstone Group CEO who recently announced a $100 million donation to the library, into five separate spots on the Fifth Avenue main branch building. Only $20 million per name? We'll take ten! [The City/Gregory Beyer]

5) Where does all the money go from those Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village rent increases? To one of the biggest landscaping overhauls in Manhattan history, of course! ['At a Pair of Gigantic Apartment Complexes, a Planting Project to Match'/Vincent Mallozzi]

6) Yeah, we kinda forgot about that South Bronx reinvention thing (SoBro!), but apparently construction on the first new co-op apartment building in Hunts Point will begin this month. The seven-story glass building will have 50 apartments, priced between $89,000 and $242,000, with the first 25 going to neighborhood residents earning a max of $91,000. Starbucks TK. [The City/Jennifer Bleyer]

7) Yo, naive college kids who are about the flood the city's rental market: Manhattan apartments are expensive, so don't expect much. ['Finding Your First Apartment'/Vivian S. Toy]

995 Fifth Avenue

995 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY