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Developer-Driven Rezoning Prepares to Enter Ring

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A group of developers looking to rezone a swath of the Far West Village just north of Hudson Square so that the 12-story office building at 627 Greenwich Street can be converted to residential from commercial use will get their day in front of the City Planning Commission tomorrow. But?and pardon us if you've heard this one before?some locals are vehemently protesting the proposal. The five-block area, between Barrow and Clarkson Streets west of Hudson Street, were already left out of a residential rezoning in 2003, as the neighborhood fought to preserve what remains of the area's industry (it was thought that residential development would raise property values and chase off small businesses).

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is one of the groups leading the charge against the rezoning, and like a lot of things downtown, it all comes back to Trump Soho: "directly south of the proposed rezoning is a zoning district which includes the Trump SoHo Condo-Hotel and which allows 45-story buildings; GVSHP has urged the City to undertake a desperately-needed rezoning of this area, and they have thus far refused. To allow a developer-driven rezoning which is not wanted by the community while refusing to move on a community-requested rezoning in an adjacent area is especially problematic." Expect to see fireworks emanating from 22 Reade Street tomorrow 'round 10 a.m.
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