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Hudson Heights High-Rise Goes the Way of the Ones

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CitySpecific has an update on a slew of Washington Heights/Inwood real estate projects, and while the headline "WaHI development roundup" would normally put us to sleep faster than a Matlock rerun, this one includes a vital update on everyone's favorite Hudson Heights high-rise: Fort Tryon Tower. Well, formally Fort Tryon Tower we should say, because apparently the 25-story apartment building at Overlook Terrace and 184th Street is now called One Bennett Park (how very Manhattan!), with every mention of the former having been wiped off the Internet. The 114-unit building should open in Fall 2009. Why do we love this building ever so much? Because it's 25 stories in freakin' Hudson Heights, and because we found out about it when a Curbed reader stumbled upon the model while touring the famed Pumpkin House. You just can't write a better Matlock script than that.
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