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Delany Lofts Goes From Computer Screen to Glossy Sheen

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Sometimes it's hard to get a feel for a new development's living spaces based on renderings, and that is why we never get tired of looking at hot model porn. Uh, never mind. The renderings for the twin-building Delany Lofts in Harlem made us feel like we were playing The Sims, so we were happy to come across the new model penthouse apartment in the POKO Partners-developed project, which is being sold by Warburg. Every unit is priced under $1 million, and Delany Lofts is made up of 37 apartments in two seven-story buildings on West 115th Street between Seventh Avenue and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. And because you were wondering, yes, the development is named after the Delany Sisters. Can't you just imagine them seated at that breakfast bar? Eh, us neither.
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