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Show Us Your Sales Office: Toren

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The city's developers are on an all-out blitz to lure well-heeled buyers to their projects, and the first front in this high-stakes war is the sales office—the base of operations for the building's sales and marketing. Nowadays, sales offices are just as luxurious as the condo units they're meant to sell. Show Us Your Sales Office will be your guided tour of the most over-the-top of the bunch. Got a sales office you want to show off? Drop us a line at and tell us why!

Toren has already made a splash in the New York City real estate market with a marketing campaign that's as aggressive as the the building's design by SOM is distinctive. The building just opened a big sales office at 325 Gold Street, right behind the the site where a big Avalon rental building is going up and across the street from the Oro condo. The office is dominated by big windows and elements to showcase the buildings exterior design elements. Of course, there are the usual bells and whistles like touch screen monitors (these coordinate with the building model so that the unit one is interested in lights up) and the obligatory model kitchen and bathroom. There's also an interior to show the how the curtain wall overlooking Flatbush Avenue and downtown Brooklyn with look from within. In all, Toren has 240 luxe units on the market and 40 affordable ones. Prices on the market rates studios start in the $300s, 1 BRs in the $400s-$600s, 2BRs in the $600s-$1M+ range. Right now there are 34 active listings and 13 units in contract.
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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201