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Cheyenne Diner (All of It) Moving to Red Hook

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[Photo courtesy of Joe Holmes/flickr]

The Moondance Diner may have gone off to Wyoming, but Ninth Avenue's Cheyenne Diner is going to be carted across the river and set up in....Red Hook. The news broke yesterday that Mike O'Connell, who is the son of preeminent Red Hook developer Greg O'Connell (own of the warehouses on Van Brunt Street, among other things, including the one in which Fairway is located), has bought the diner for a token sum and will make it a Brooklynite. There's no word on the timetable or where in Red Hook it will land. Preservationist Micheal Pearlman said he's glad the diner, which is being replaced by a nine-story building, is going to "an up and coming neighborhood." The diner dates to 1940, and the group trying to save it says it was holding out for a New York City buyer. They found one.
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