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Calatrava's PATH Station: Now This is Getting Awkward

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The World Trade Center PATH station designed by Spanish starchitect Santiago Calatrava has gone from celebrated symbol of Ground Zero's rebirth to an annoying party crasher that the Port Authority doesn't know how to tell to leave. The bird-like terminal was clipped to look like a stegosaurus, then it was clipped again, then last week it got reconfigured yet again due to mounting budget concerns. It's unclear how much Calatrava will be left in it when the terminal?near the MTA's own screwed-up train station?gets built, but here's the thing: the Port Authority may abandon the PATH station altogether. The Sun's Peter Kiefer reports that the incoming Port Authority director may see this is an opportunity to get out of the project, and divert the $1.9 billion in federal funding to the renovation of Penn Station. There are many political hurdles to navigate if the PATH station (a new temporary PATH entrance recently opened at the WTC) gets cut, but some feel that Governor Patterson is behind the move. Pity poor Santiago?he's not having the best of months.
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