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East Houston Tumor To Be Red, Tiered and Terraced

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Pity the poor residents of 51 East Houston Street. A bit of digging around reveals that the owner there goes by the mysterious name of Sultan's DaVinci Ltd. When we posted the news about the tumorous growth rising over that little walk-up some readers couldn't believe their eyes. But one guest commenter had no doubts and kindly directed us to the Arpad Baksa Architect website for a look at what's to come. And then the mystery deepened.

There it is, 14 stories of stepped-back bright red brick, with windows amiss and some big cross braces propping it up atop the worn old bricks of Number 51. However, Baksa's site says "15 Residential Units," which is quite a difference from the "41 Dwelling Units" shown on the project's application at DOB. Either way, this new one isn't some dinky little thing like those teeny dollhouses around the corner on Mott Street. It's big and bold with terraces out front, sitting high above the madness of Houston Street. The west facade seems to offer a big blank wall, apparently a match for another one going up on the corner at 290 Mulberry. Out back, a tier of balconies will face the trees and quiet of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral down the block. A little bit of this and a lot of that, all made possible by Sultan's DaVinci, who is probably a real pussycat. During the upcoming months of noise and construction the residents of 51 East Houston will certainly know who to thank.

The north exposure (L), the south exposure (R) and blank walls on the sides.

The new neighbor at 290 Mulberry, turning a blank face to the Baksa site.
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