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CurbedWire: Fifth on Park Selling to Commuters, UES McMansion Fight Update

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HARLEM?When last we heard from Fifth on the Park development, it was via a shilly email proclaiming it half full. Well, we have a new one about the huge sign telling all the commuters on Metro North they'd be home if they lived in Harlem instead of Connecticut. Per the email: "Fifth on the Park Condo developers put up six-story high sign that faces the trains and Harlem’s 125th station platform and can be seen for miles away. (There is another sign – closer to street level at the corner of 120th and Fifth Avenue.)" Also, it is now slightly more than half full. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UES?An update on the 17,000 square foot, three house "combined" Upper East Side McMansion we posted about yesterday: "Yesterday (April 22) all Landmarks commissioners criticized the proposal and sent it back to be modified by the LPC staff and the architects (DÁquino Monaco). Chair Tierney said there would be a future public hearing. Many neighborhood residents attended the hearing and spoke against the proposal (as they had at Community Board 8 the week before) and urged that they be kept informed and consulted on the changes. As you can see, they need to be radical and this process will be very interesting." [Curbed Wire Inbox]