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A Project That's Actually Happening: Vornado Redoing Pier 94

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[Photo courtesy of bliss627/flickr]

Sometimes, it's probably good to be the project that everyone forgot about. Compared to the crap storms that have developed around just about every big development you can name, Pier 94 has flown so far below the radar that most people don't even know its going on. Nonetheless, Crain's is reporting that Vornado Realty is going to redevelop and expand Pier 94, AKA Manhattan's "second" convention center, which has been hosting small trade shows since 1998. The process of picking a developer started in 2006. The $100 million expansion will more than double the size from 150,000 to 355,000 square feet. Vornado will pay for the construction and get a 49-year lease. Take that, Javits Center. You too, Vegas on the Hudson. And, while we're at it, get get it together, Pier 15.
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