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DOB Studying How to Keep Construction From Killing People

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The embattled Department of Buildings is moving fast to try to get some positive news going. Today, Acting Buildings Commissioner Robert D. LiMandri, who was close to his predecessor, announced DOB is doing a $4 million "intensive, in-depth assessment of high-risk construction activities." It will study high-rise concrete operations, excavations and crane operations "to determine the steps that need to be taken to make these specialized trades safer." The areas have been targeted because of the number of deaths and high profile accidents that have happened. Over the last two year, concrete operations accounted for almost one-third of high-rise construction incidents with 14 injuries and fatalities. (The Trump Soho accident was concrete-related.) Excavation incidents resulted in 16 deaths and injuries (plus countless damaged buildings). And, well, crane operations have been deadliest of all.
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