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New Development GripeWire: Chelsea Edition

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We haven't broken out the GripeWire in a while, so real estate development must be humming along without a retaining wall collapse or misaligned kitchen counter left in its wake. Until today! A slew of complaints about some high-profile Chelsea projects have recently landed in the inbox. And so, to the GripeWire we go:

1) HL23: "This is what HL23, new Denari / Naman building, brings to the neighborhood: Lane closures on 23rd Street throughout the construction. Public: say hello to noise and single lane traffic on a major thoroughfare! Monster crane going right up against 519 West 23rd Street. Residents and their children: meet Mr. Steel Beam in your living rooms. Construction shed covering 150 feet of sidewalk under the DOB permit that states: Façade Restoration. Well, that's a true winner! We now have a façade restoration permit filed for a building that doesn't exist." Don't worry, soon Mr. Steel Beam will hop into his spaceship and take off to parts unknown.

2) Onyx Chelsea: Chelsea's big black newcomer is drawing a lot of attention. "Many Onyx residents are having issues getting their punch lists fixed even six months after their move in dates. They are avoiding fixing the problems caused due to poor workmanship. Instead they are causing more damage with low cost alternatives." Writes another reader: "Five months ago my relative who lives in the Chelsea Onyx building had to be evacuated due to mold in her brand new apartment. Can you give me more scoop on the buildings progress thus far? Her floors are now buckling and there are other problems that I can't get into right now." Well, at least one buyer is happy. UPDATE: The second tipster has dropped us a line and asks us to retract the comment. Noted for the record.

3) 123 West 15th Street: The alien pod that seems to have been stolen from some children's book illustration is also causing concern. A pair of notes: "What the hell is happening at 123 West 15th Street? The construction site has been an open sore for the better part of a year, with all work appearing to have ceased several months ago. So what gives? Did they run out of cash?" The other: "I can tell you that I haven't been hearing the jackhammers there for several months. Did someone put a stop to this monstrosity?" Wait, there are people out there who don't think this is crazyawesome?
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