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Albee Coming Down Now: Brooklyn Mall Destructoporn

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The ugly parking garage behind the Albee Square Mall (aka the Gallery at Fulton Street) has already come down. Now, work crews are getting at the mall itself, offering a glimpse of shopping mall destructoporn right in Downtown Brooklyn. The mall was owned by Thor Equities developer Joe Sitt, who had promised to turn it into the "Bellagio Hotel of malls" (per some of the flourishes on can see in the destructopornography) before selling it. A huge mixed use complex with condo tower is due to rise there including 525,000 square feet of retail, 360,000 square feet of office space and 900,000 square feet of residential space in a tower up to 60 stories tall. We had some renderings of the project earlier in the year This is the future site of a Target among other things.
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