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Burg's Hotel Le Jolie Now with GTA IV

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Hotel Le Jolie, where "pampering is elevated to the level of an art form" in Williamsburg has a new decorative element--as if the abandoned gas station in front isn't enough. The GTA IV banner has been hung from the "boutique hotel" for the cars zooming past on Le BQE. The hotel's website has fully come to life since the last time we looked and it's laugh your ass off funny very creative, featuring photos of Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Metropolitan Opera among other other things. One photo on the site features a tree Photoshopped into a photo of the hotel in the approximate location of a concrete BQE exit ramp. Right now, rates are running from $179-$224 a night. Later in May and June, it looks like they zoom up to $200-$300. Rooms at Gowanus' Le Bleu, by the way, after taking a winter dip, are up in the $280-$350 range for summer.
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