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Doom & Gloom Chronicle: Progress Reports for Megaprojects?

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As many of the city's big megaprojects are stalling or in shambles, there's a proposal to force the Empire State Development Corporation, which oversees some of them, to issue "progress reports" to tell everybody how thing are going. Or not. Details were provided by Eliot Brown in yesterday's Observer and the story is still making the rounds today. The proposed legislation in Albany is aimed at "providing greater transparency and accountability" on a number of projects including the expansion of the Javits Center, the huge West Side rail yards development, Moynihan Station, the 7 Train extension, World Trade Center redevelopment, the Calatrava PATH Station, the Willets Point plan and Atlantic Yards. Richard Brodsky, the assemblyman sponsoring the legislation, say that a number of significant projects are in "various states of collapse" and that if/when they tank they could endanger a number of agency budgets in including the MTA. Maybe if it was issued as a monthly magazine, they could call it Despair.
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