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Neigbhborhood Love: Tudor City Residents Suing to Block Solow

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What would a humongous $4 billion development plan with 3,000 apartments, a million square feet of commercial space and buildings up to 595 feet all along the East River be without a lawsuit? Absolutely nowhere, of course. And so, developer Sheldon Solow's recently-approved, scaled-down plan is facing a lawsuit from residents of Tudor City. Today's amNY has the rundown, noting that "Fearful that their urban Eden will be buried under darkness and dirt, residents of bucolic Tudor City" announced the suit Wednesday. The suit says the development was approved against the wishes of the local community board. Resident of Tudor City, which runs from 40th Street to 43rd Street and First and Second Avenues say the Planning Commission "arbitrarily and capriciously" disregarded the community's plan for the site. Specifically, the lawyer bringing the suit tells amNY that "The planning department pays lip service to community-based planning and then they spit in the face of community based planning." A Solow spokesperson says he's "confident" the development will go forward.
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