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A Hoyda Rising Fast on Ludlow Street

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[Photo courtesy of BoweryBoogie/flickr]

The as-yet unrevealed 22-story hotel to be wedged between The Ludlow and Max Fish at 180 Ludlow Street is rising fast. Who’s behind this latest LES big boy? The application is in the name of Serge Hoyda, who is not much loved on the LES. Manager of S&H Equities, he’s got possession of several properties on the Lower East Side, including the former Economy Foam site, and many residents have had lawsuits against him for wrongful evictions. He also threatens the Children’s Magical Garden with destruction and is a partner with Kent Swig in Sheffield 57, a development that inspires a lot of rage in Hell's Kitchen. What will he bring to Ludlow Street? One scenario: it'll blot out the sun and block the view the views for everyone living on the south side of The Ludlow. Another scenario: it might follow the latest tumor trend and sprawl over tiny Max Fish like a parasitic amoeba devouring the artists’ bar with its sticky pseudopodia. Of course, it could do both.
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--Jeremiah Moss

The Sheffield

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