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Pink 14th Street Destructoporn as MePa Creeps East

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The building on 14th and 8th that housed the former McKenna's bar and Tequila's restaurant has come down. Today there is nothing but a pile of rubble, but earlier this week, Tequila’s ragged, hot-pink walls were exposed, creating a surreal Third World war-zone scene on 14th Street. On the broken wall, a no smoking sign and a poster for Mexico, love, and Bud Light. A 30,000 square foot luxury condo is supposedly on its way. According to the Real Deal, the 245-247 West 14th Street property sold for $12.75 million to Millennium NY in an all-cash sale by the Cornerstone Development Group who hyped this property as “just a couple of blocks from the heart of the Meatpacking District.” Stay tuned as MePa Creep travels down 14th Street all the way to the East River.

· 245-247 W. 14th Street [TRD]