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Here's the Eerie Manhattan Mall Ghost Town

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The Manhattan Mall at Herald Square is a ghost town. Entire swaths of stores have been blacked out by darkened glass. Eerie, cold breezes blow through their crevices. It looks like the Death Star in there. The mall recently sold the food court to JC Penney, shuttering the only Arby's in town, a move that upset one fan of fast-food roast beef. But who will cry for Pretzel Time? The latest mall casualty, the second-floor store stopped serving TCBY and closed their doors on April 15. Even in the mall, when chain stores close, they produce emotional goodbye notes. Pretzel Time’s says, with forced cheer, “Thank you NYC for 12 years of fun and success!” And, like the city’s more significant small businesses, these too are forced to move to the outer boroughs.

I guess, now that Manhattan has been turned into one big mall, having an actual “Manhattan Mall” is rather redundant.
· Goodbyes [Racked]

--Jeremiah Moss