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Ask Curbed: Are We Getting Grilled in LIC?

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With the weather getting beyond nice, an email lands in the Ask Curbed Inbox that cuts to the heart of grilling season:

I live in a new apartment complex in Long Island City. It's owned by the same company who have 3 other building there, one of them being built right now. We currently pay an "amenity fee" of fifty dollars per tenant per month for the use of the the facilities, which includes a swimming pool, screening room, billiard room, and outdoor space, known as the sun deck... So, it now transpires that they are considering charging us approximately 35 dollars per hour to rent out gas grills on the sun deck, and whether or not anyone is using them, they will have to be rented out. There is nothing about this in our lease, and tenants are wondering whether the management company will have to change the terms of the lease to this effect?It's a technical question, but no question is too nitty-gritty when it comes to Long Island City. We don't know which development it is, but welcome your comments, answers and observations in the Comments Section.
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