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Finally, a Development Project with Real Bones

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[Photo courtesy of Left in Bay Ridge]

Okay, so the Washington Square project got a head start on digging up bodies, but a controversial project to demolish a historic church in Bay Ridge and replace it with luxury condos is actually unearthing a graveyard. The demolition of Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, aka Green Church, has been controversial, with preservationists trying to save it. In any case, part of making the St. Saviour's of Brooklyn into a luxe condo means that 211 bodies are getting to see the light of day again after being down there for about 100 years. Left in Bay Ridge writes of the process:

They put up a garbage bag wall so no one can see how well they're handling the human remains. I climbed a ladder to see this: a back-ho and some guy looking in a hole. Very very holy. Remind me not to have them handle my remains.One preservationist trying to save the church calls it "outrageously disrespectful." So, if they're being dug up for luxe condos, does it mean they'll be reburied in luxe graves?
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