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It's Dark & Dead, But the Asking Price is Good

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[Photo Courtesy of straightedge/flickr]

For Sale: Cozy 234 SF Studio Apartment in historic block of Washington Heights. Development on neatly manicured grounds with grass knolls and manicured walkways. Steps to Riverside Drive, Hudson River, 1 and C trains. Asking $20,000. Oh, and you have to be dead. It may not be a high price to pay, but it's going fast. Cemetery space is at a premium in Manhattan. Trinity Cemetery in Washington Heights is the only place left to rest in peace in Manhattan.

Across the rest of the five boroughs, there's less space than ever for cold, dead bodies. Greenwood Cemetery in Sunset Park will be sold out in two years. Burial plots are moving faster than a rent-stabilized apartment in SoHo.

Of course, there's no guarantee that your investment in a burial plot will be long-term, now that the United Methodist Church is digging up old graves to sell their land for luxe condos. You can seek solace in that fact that there are still places out in Queens where you can rest in peace for a less than a small fortune. But bear in mind that one day, a hundred years from now, your dead body could be the next victim of the latest hipster migration to Cypress Hills or Middle Village.
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--Chris Carrara