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Stevedores Formally Triumph on Red Hook Piers

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The long battle of the Red Hook piers was actually over a while ago, after many twists and turns, but the formal triumph of the stevedores over waterfront cafes, hotels, a cruise port and other "attractions" came yesterday. American Stevedoring,which operates the Red Hook Container Port, signed a new 10-year lease on its waterfront property, formally ending the Bloomberg Administration's Red Hook Piers Remake Dream. The plan died an agonizingly slow death as individual pieces were nibbled away rather than receiving one short, sharp shock. First, the housing went. Then, the cruise terminal was chewed off. And, finally, the entire thing fell apart. The stevedores ultimately hung remarkably tough, mustering a long list of political supporters who threw wrench after wrench in the works. If there's any consolation for the planner of the remade waterfront, the plan might have collapsed of its own volition at the point, anyway.
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