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Union Square Escalator Deemed Useless As Stairs

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Anbody who's been through the Union Square Station has probably seen the out-of-service escalator. It's operated by the management of Zeckendorf Towers, which agreed to build and maintain it in exchange for building a housing development above the station. The escalators haven't worked since last summer, when the Buildings Department issued violations and ordered them repaired. While commuters are asking how Zeckendorf management could get away with leaving the escalators in a state of disrepair, why is there a "caution" sign blocking them off? There's a bottleneck every morning and evening because Union Square straphangers are crammed into one stairwell. Meanwhile, the stalled stairs of the escalators collect dust. Last week, a deranged man screamed and ripped the out-of-service signs down and zipped past everyone plodding up the stairs. Why did he seem to have more sense than anyone else in charge?
· Broken Union Square Escalator Leaves Riders Frustrated [amNY]

--Chris Carrara

Zeckendorf Towers

1 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003