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Curbed PriceChopper: J Condo Unit's Nosedive

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Was: $699,000
Is: $590,000
You Save!: $109,000

One seriously PriceChopped apartment does not a trend make, but it's certainly interesting to note that an unspecified 1BR unit has gotten a number of buzz cuts over the last eight months or so. The 801 square foot unit was listed with Corcoran at $699,000 last September and has since gotten three incremental chops per streeteasy, the most recent of which on Thursday brought the price down from $650,000 to $590,000. The tipster that brought it to our attention wrote: "That's a 15.6% cut over 7 months. Not sure if this is a testament to the strength of Brooklyn market." Other units that are currently listed have taken some hits, too, but none as severe as this one. The current price is $200-$300 per square foot less than what other units have gone for. Trend or weird aberration?
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J Condo

100 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201