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Honeymoon Over: NYU Has Playhouse Fight on its Hands

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When NYU announced its ambitious 25-year expansion plan, the school's officials reached out to the community and softly whispered sweet nothings in its ear. It was a romance we expected would not outlive the honeymoon phase, and we were right! Ever since news broke last week that NYU intends to demolish the Provincetown Playhouse on MacDougal Street, the story has been picked up all over the place, and now the cavalry has arrived. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's Andrew Berman?who not long ago said of NYU's expansion. "it feels like we are getting closer to a mutually agreeable way for the university to move forward on its long-term plans"?is leading the charge to spare the theater that launched the careers of so many legendary playwrights. According to the GSVHP website, Community Board 2 will discuss the Provincetown Playhouse at a public hearing on Wednesday. NYU officials will be there to present the plan, and to take the crowd's heat. Oh my, this could be ugly. Broken hearts don't heal easily.
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