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Boerum Hill's Number One Issue: Attack of the 'Urine Vandals'

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Oh, Boerum Hill, how we love the weird little stories that come traveling up the information food chain from your reaches. Today, we have "the urine vandals." The story emerged via an email on one of the neighborhood email lists last week:

This morning, when my husband went out to walk the dog around 7 a.m., he discovered on the sidewalk a large open container (1/2 gallon or so) of what appeared to be urine, with used syringes floating inside. Yuck! We live on the north side of the block, between Bond and Nevins, and as many neighbors know, this side of the street has been plagued since the fall with 'urine vandals.' One neighbor has had the bed of his pickup truck repeatedly doused with urine, and on several occasions large quantities of urine have been used to soak the gardens and sidewalks in the middle of the block. There is a well-known drug house on the block, central to the area of this unsavory activity. Although I am not aware of any direct evidence linking the two, many neighbors are suspicious of a possible connection. The Brooklyn Paper picked up the narrative from there, but then, we have this follow up fresh off the email list:

The urine vandals have struck again! My husband came out this morning to find a large soda bottle, filled with urine, on our garden wall. On further investigation, he found two empty bottles on the sidewalk several houses down, and the overpowering stench of urine coming from our neighbor's pickup truck bed. That's at least the fourth time his truck has been targeted since last fall. The police response was less than vigorous - they "may" send a car when "someone has time.And, another neighborhood confirms that there's a pee problem:Yes, my truck has been targeted at least 4 or 5 times. Until last week I took in stride, thinking life in the big city and all. It seems to be an escalating problem now. I believe this problem is, at the very least, and off shoot from the drug house on the block.
Am I being targeted? I don't know. I did refuse to speak for the owner of the drug house when the police arrested him last year for nearly blowing his house up. His front windows blew half way across Dean Street. I also prodded him for months after to remove the plywood and replace his windows.Exploding drug houses and cars showered with pee, not to mention the Mad Crapper and the Asian Garbage Bag Thief. For all these reasons and more, we salute you, Boerum Hill.
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