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Hot Karl's Powerhouse LIC To Bring About World Peace

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Prolific architect Karl Fischer's reworking of/addition to the old Pennsylvania Railroad Power Station designed by McKim, Mead & White in 1909 near the Long Island City waterfront has always been a sensitive topic, but blogger Restless is not tiptoeing around the issue:

I hated the Powerhouse the second I noticed the sun bouncing off its plastic Coppertone top, long before I knew it was one of Karl's. In fact I thought it might be a Donald Trump enterprise, because of the tacky casino faux-class of its round castle towers and metallic color. As I said in the comments," If I worked at the U.N., right across the river, I would sue for degradation of view."Might hatred of Hot Karl's coppertop be the one issue that finally unites the nations' leaders? That would be slightly unexpected.
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