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Destructoporn from Brooklyn's 'New Park Avenue'

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[Left photo courtesy of Denton Taylor; click to expand]

Another one has come down on Fourth Avenue on the Gowanus side of the Park Slope-Gowanus DMZ, aka Brooklyn's "New Park Avenue." This property, that was formerly an auto repair shop whose owner had thought about opening a Red Lobster on the site, sold last year for $3.75M and is being marketed for 20,000 square feet of commercial space. It's especially interesting because of its illustrious neighbors. No, not the Staples and Pep Boys, but Shaya Boymelgreen's (still unoccupied) Novo Park Slope and the fascinating Hotel Le Bleu, which is on the right of photo. Out of frame, is The Crest. Something coming that will, perhaps, blend with the Fourth Avenue streetscape.
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