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Willets Point: The Other Side Speaks. Go Mets!

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One important voice left out of the white-hot Willets Point redevelopment controversy: What do Mets fans think? Hey, it sounds weird, but given that the new Citi Field will be a stolen hubcap's throw away from the Iron Triangle/proposed mixed-use village, it's Mets fans that have to stare at the thing, right? Up until now, the Willets Point opposition has been getting all the press, thanks to a coordinated and highly-effective media campaign. Now, however, we hear from someone who actually wants Willets Point cleared and cleaned: a guy named Chris McShane, author of a blog called Develop Willets Point. From right up top: "Take Action to Make Willets Point the Best Neighborhood in Major League Baseball." From the About Me section: "I'm a Mets fan who would like to see Willets Point complement Citi Field." As far as we know, he doesn't work for City Hall. Or the Mets. But maybe his real name is Johan Santana?
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