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Developers, Builders Say the Safety Thing is Causing Delays

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So now, developers, builders and unions are complaining that the the city's safety crackdown is so tough that, in the words of today's Times, it "is causing unnecessary delays and layoffs at some major construction sites, including the Goldman Sachs headquarters downtown." There have been a variety of safety sweeps since the crane accident on East 51 Street that killed seven people and a study is underway in the post-Patricia Lancaster era at the Department of Buildings. Apparently, DOB "has pushed inspectors to issue stop-work orders when they find safety violations as a way of forcing contractors to deal with safety issues." Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, suggest that Stop Work Orders are being issued for reasons that go beyond public safety and that "Some contractors have even suggested that stop-work orders are being used as a form of punishment." There was a mass yesterday at St. Patrick's for the 13 workers killed in construction accidents so far this year.
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