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Chelsea Has Gone to the Dogs

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Stuy Town is not the only massive rental complex with a controversy of the four-legged kind. A memo just went out (we think; it does say 2007 for some reason) to residents of London Terrace Gardens, the pre-war Chelsea monolith, from building manager Rose Associates. It's a reminder to tenants about the pet policy, featuring such common-sense rules as remembering to curb your dog, and not letting it maul anyone. Seems pretty harmless, but not to LTG resident and blogger You Want a Piece of Me?, who sees conspiracy all the way:

Just the fact that they came from Rose makes me suspicious. This is the company that threw out all of our doormats. It's also the company that erected a "sidewalk bridge" around the whole building cause they don't have the money to fix the falling bricks. And that's the same company that took six months to repair the entrance at 420. Adds WaPoM?: "I read it as Rose trying to get people out however they can, now by 'enforcing' the dog rules and ordering offending parties to move or live in LTG sans canine companion."

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